The Client

Bottega Verde began as a herbal store in 1972 in Pienza, in the heart of Tuscany. The inspiration for the active ingredients of Bottega Verde cosmetics is the Massaini Palace, a wonderful castle located on a splendid vast plain.

Today, Bottega Verde designs products and distributes its own products, becoming the first company cosmetics chain in Italy. Over 40 years of existence, it gave a new meaning to the expression "from producer to consumer".

Business Challenge

Since the launch of the online store in Romania, ControlF5 has accepted a particularly exciting challenge: to implement a complete eCommerce solution for the famous Italian brand that will give Romanian clients a complete online shopping experience and integrate it with the processes, business model and infrastructure used by

Solution Delivered

Using a custom framework, pre-existing and owned by, ControlF5 built a complete eCommerce solution, with independent modules, integrated and streamlined for the company's flows.

Among the modules and integrations implemented, we mention:


  • CMS - tools needed to completely manage shop content - manage products and their specifications, categories, brands, landing pages as well as the entire nomenclature system.
  • Marketing - tools and integrations used in the marketing process - manageable banners, gift system, configurable vouchers, newsletter, donation system, reviews, dashboard and reporting system.
  • Feeds - managing data flow for integration with various aggregation and automated marketing platforms
  • Orders - section for managing the entire flow of commands
  • Invoices - integrated invoicing solution with external application
  • Deliveries - Generate, manage deliveries and integrate with courier operators applications
  • Receipts - Cash flow management through integration with external payment processors
  • Customers - Online shop clients management module
  • Returns - a solution for generating and managing returns
  • Marketplace - integration with the main marketplaces on the Romanian market
  • Import - module used to import and update data (products, stocks, categories etc.)
  • Administrators and permissions - Managing users and access rights for the backend section.


  • Shopping cart
  • Review module
  • Mobile version
  • Client area - order history, invoices history, my account, password recovery, membership administration in BottegaVerde Community
  • Create client account
  • Sign in with Facebook / Google
  • Search module based on automatic suggestions
  • Integration with card payment processors
  • Integration with automated marketing applications and platforms
  • Automatic notification system via email, sms, push notifications


Working with BottegaVerde since it first launched on the Romanian market, we have developed a complete eCommerce platform capable of meeting the company's needs and offering customers a simple and fast way to enjoy brand products.

ControlF5 is still a trusted partner for BottegaVerde, developing new functionalities while providing support and maintenance services for the smooth running of applications.


  • Web Design
  • Web Applications
  • CMS
  • Web programming
  • Data import
  • Web Scan
  • Testing
  • Support and maintenance


The platform was built on a custom PHP framework, developed by ControlF5.

Technologies used:

  • PHP
  • Javascript
  • jQuery
  • Vue.js
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • MySQL
  • Bootstrap
  • wordpress


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