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The best digital products are created by agile, well-coordinated team of developers, with experience and solid business results. And we let you pull the strings!

Our team

Our team

The studio

The studio

We develop systems, you get results

Custom Software Development

Software Solutions perfectly tailored for your project or for your development idea. We work in Agile with highly motivated development teams.

Frontend Development

We implement the interface and interactivity of your application with a high fidelity for design. Your platform will be sharp and an asset to attract customers.

Backend Development

Performant and easy to maintain code, written by standards and best practices in order to reduce resource consumption and increase performance.

Mobile Development

iOS, Android or Huawei applications. Our developers will use native code or cross platform frameworks to deliver the right features of your app.

MVP Development

A Minimum Viable Product (MVP) is your first key to success. Find the features needed for a first release, in order to be validated and adopted by the market.


A tested process for any product.

Analyze requirements and make a plan.
Create wireframes and mockups.
Design the user experience.


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How can I trust my outsourcing partner?

Almost all corporations are using outsourcing agencies or companies in order to stay competitive. For all their IT needs and projects, companies build dedicated lines of budget because all this work is globally cost effective. Indeed software development outsourcing helps you create applications, websites, and e-commerce apps with an effortless and control-oriented environment.

We fully understand the importance of maintaining good communication with the contractors that entrust us with their projects so that you can monitor the project as it advances and make the most of the business relationship.

Is outsourcing right for my company?

Our team strongly believes that good communication is the key ingredient in building great things. We believe that good cooperation is not based on being in one office but on mutual trust, experience, and common goals. We have successfully implemented projects for companies from all over the world.

You need to ask yourself some of the questions below. If you have more than one yes, than it is time for you to consider outsourcing:

  • Do you often have overworked existing resources?
  • Does your IT team need to improve efficiency or speed for current projects?
  • Do you worry about your KPIs and how you can reach them with your long workload?
  • Do you worry about the rapid pace technologies are changing?
  • Do you ask yourself if your IT department could do projects more quickly?
  • Do you want to learn more about outsourcing some of your software projects?

What benefits does software outsourcing bring?

  • Do you want to save money and especially money?
  • Do you want to deliver your development projects faster?
  • Do you want to be more efficient and strategy driven?

These 3 advantages are just some of the benefits of choosing a software outsourcing company. And while you’re cutting costs and getting better services, you’ll find that your company has much more time and resources to dedicate to improving its core functions, building its core competencies and becoming much more competitive.

Can Control F5 provide the solutions I need?

Control F5 is a one stop shop for software development services and dedicated solutions for any kind of digital project. Control F5’s strong and experimented teams of developers cover all the needed Agile roles to implement your vision. We specialize in:

  • Custom Software Development
  • Smooth Frontend Development
  • Efficient Backend Development
  • Mobile Development
  • MVP Development

After years of working with established companies we have a clear understanding of how to organize a qualified team.

What communication channels does Control F5 use?

We strongly believe that good Communication is the key ingredient in building great things that involve more than 2 people. And here at Control F5, everything is about people. We use Video Calling platforms and we can also meet in person at our office.

What are Control F5 expertise fields?

For years on a row we have been focusing on custom software solutions. We have extensive knowledge in the following areas:

  • PHP and Laravel
  • Javascript and Vue JS
  • Java, Swift, Flutter, Cordova
  • Wordpress
  • HTML, CSS and Technical SEO