How we work

We believe that Agile is the best approach for delivering software, from a minimal viable product to a full-scale enterprise system.

At ControlF5, we use Scrum methodology for developing software applications. Scrum relies on iterative development, so we focus on developing the product in short intervals of time, usually two weeks.

Our main goal is to maximize the customer's return on investment (ROI) by creating working software quickly and responding to changing requirements.

2 weeks sprints

These intervals of time are called sprints.

In each sprint, we develop and test progressively, so the product can be deployed or shipped to the end users.

As a client, you can provide feedback on any of these intermediate steps. It means you have the opportunity to adjust the direction of the project, in order to adapt to any new situation.

We keep our clients updated about the progress of our work. You will receive status reports and will have more control of the development process.